Guide Bars

Find the best fit for your tool and the job at hand. Maximise your saw's potential with professional, dependable guide bars.

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Guide Bars

At ECHO we strive to provide professionals with a lot of options and lengths when it comes to our chain saws and their guide bars. Even if your saw is five years old or more, ECHO has a bar to fit your need.

Which bars and chains fit your saw? Check out the PDF at the bottom of this page.

Détails produits.

Type de guide laminate
Produits compatibles CS-2511TES, CS-260TES, CS-280T, CS-280TES, CS-281WES
Jauge (in) 0,050
Longueur (cm) 20
Type d’embout (Embout remplaçable) sprocket
Référence X120-000021
Type C20S91-35SA-ET